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Contrarily to LaTeX (with \newcommand), TeX doesn't check whether the command to be defined is important or not. You might well say \def \def etc., except that the most probable is that you encounter some problems quite quickly. \def\title#1{\gdef\@title{#1}} \def\@title{\@[email protected]{No \noexpand\title given}\@ehc} Those are low-level TeX commands. \title is a command that redefines \@title to expand to the argument given to \title. Jan 10,  · This will end up with a log file that I can later use it as an \input{} in LaTeX, and therefore, write a document with the global \@price (commas included), instead of writing the number on my own and coming back and forth to Stata and check if .

Latex gdef
Latex gdef

You can provide an object of options as the last argument to katex. Available options are:. If false the math will be rendered in inline mode. If falseKaTeX will render unsupported commands as text, and render invalid LaTeX as latex gdef source code with hover text giving the error, in the latex gdef given by errorColor. This option determines the color that unsupported commands and invalid LaTeX are rendered latex gdef when throwOnError is set to false. A collection of custom macros. MacroExpander is an internal API and subject to non-backwards compatible changes.

Latex gdef
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Latex gdef
Latex gdef
Latex gdef
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