CTM w Wine


Vegetable Samosa                                      $5
Triangular hot pocket stuffed with mashed potato

Pakora                                                $5
Onion; Veg.(Carrot, potato, & cabbage; Paneer (cheese) 

Chat                                                  $6
Garbanzo beans slow cooked in spices, topped with chopped onions, and tamarind sauce

Dosa - Large crepe made with fermented rice and lentil batter
Plain Dosa (vegan, gluten free)                       $9
Onion Chili (v, gf)                                   $10
Masala Dosa (v, gf)                                   $10
Chicken Dosa                                          $13
Lamb Dosa                                             $14
Curry – Vegan(v)

Tadka Dal                                             $9      
Pressure cooked yellow split peas cooked with mustard & cumin seed

Aloo Curry                                            $9
Potato and onion curry

Aloo Gobi                                             $10
Potato and cauliflower curry 

Aloo Mutter                                           $10
Potato, and peas cooked in onion sauce

Aloo Paalak                                           $10
Potato with spinach cooked in onion sauce
Mixed Veg. Curry                                      $11
Carrot, green bean, cauliflower, and potato cooked in onion and tomato sauce
Curry Vegetarian (veg)

Palaak Paneer                                         $12
Spinach and homemade cheese in onion sauce

Navaratan Korma                                       $13
Mixed vegetables, and cheese cooked in cream, coconut, and cashew in onion sauce

Paneer Tikka Masala                                   $12
Homemade cheese cubes cooked in creamy tomato sauce

Mutter Paneer                                         $12
Peas cooked with homemade cheese cubes in creamy onion sauce
Curry – Non-Vegetarian

Tikka Masala - Tomato & Onion sauces cooked with cream
Chicken Tikka Masala                                  $12
Shrimp  Tikka Masala                                  $14

Curry - Spicy hot curry cooked in onion and tomato sauce
Chicken  Curry                                        $12
Lamb Curry                                            $14
Shrimp                                                $14

Korma - Mildly/medium spiced curry cooked with ground cashew, coconut, and cream in onion sauce
Chicken Korma                                         $13
Lamb Korma                                            $14

Vindaloo - Hot curry cooked with dry red chilies, potato in a vinegar, onion, and tomato sauce
Chicken Vindaloo                                      $12
Lamb Vindaloo                                         $14

Saag - Spinach cooked in onion sauce
Chicken Saag                                          $13
Lamb Saag                                             $15

Biriyani - Spiced rice with either chicken, lamb or shrimp. Served with a hard boiled egg & raitha (yogurt sauce)

Chicken Biriyani                                      $12
Lamb Biriyani                                         $14
Shrimp Biriyani                                       $14

Sambar                                                $3
A bowl of spicy lentil soup with carrots and zuccinni

Raitha                                                $2
Plain yogurt with chopped onion, tomato and cilantro

Plain Rice                                            $1
One serving of basmati rice

Gulab Jamun                                          $3
Deep fried donut soaked in syrup

Kheer                                                $3
Rice pudding with cashews, cardamom, and coconut

Mango Lassi (mango chunks & yogurt smoothie)         $4

Chai                                                 $3
Hot tea with milk and spices

Iced Tea                                             $2.50
Brewed black tea

Lemonade                                             $2.50
Homemade lemonade

Coke/Sprite/Fanta                                    $2
Diet Coke                                            $1.50
Fiji water (500 ml)                                  $2
Pellegrino (750 ml)                                  $3
Vegetarian bread
Plain Naan                                           $2.50
Garlic Naan                                          $3
Cheese Naan                                          $4